nopCommerce Most Valuable Persons

A nopCommerce MVP (Most Valuable Person) is an exceptional, independent community leader who shares passion, technical expertise, and knowledge with others, and who represents the spirit of the community. These individuals actively support others on our forums, contribute code, assist with the product localization, write helpful blog posts, organize community events, share best practices and much more!

Our MVP Award is the way to recognize the most active community members. Each year, at our annual conference nopCommerce Days, we will award MVPs of the past year.

Benefits of being an MVP

  • Free participation in nopCommerce Days, our annual conference
  • Recognition of achievements at nopCommerce Days
  • Recognition on the nopCommerce official website
  • Invitations to speaking opportunities at nopCommerce Days
  • Official developer certification for free

What does it take to become an MVP

There are many ways to demonstrate your enthusiasm and become an MVP. Some main activities include:

  • Active participation in nopCommerce forum discussions, responding to users’ questions
  • Code contribution
  • Product and community localization, such as creation of local community sites, organization of community meetups
  • Official documentation translation: if our documentation is not yet translated into your native language, you’re very welcome to help with it. Your name or your company's name and official URL will be placed in the footer of the translated documentation portal (home page). This portal has about 12,000 unique visitors each month, so it would be a great promotional source for you
  • Creation and sharing valuable content through blogs and social networks
  • Speaking about nopCommerce at conferences and different professional events
  • Organization of educational webinars
  • Development of plugins and themes
  • Creation of education materials, e.g. recording podcasts and screencasts, writing books
  • Other forms of nopCommerce evangelism, such as support and promotion on third-party sites (e.g. StackOverflow, Quora, etc.), training services, getting in touch with local influencers, etc.

An MVP Selection Process Details

We’ll be rewarding new MVPs each year at our annual conference nopCommerce Days. The selection will be done a month prior to the event and will be based on evaluation of the previous year’s contributions to the nopCommerce community.

Our current MVPs


Location: Mexico City
Forum username: Tecnofin

Tecnofín has more than 30 years of experience as consultant and developer in e-Commerce and e-Banking. We have developed over 300 sites in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru.


Location: New York, USA
Forum username: New York

Owner of nopTools, where you will find leading edge extensions and productivity tools for nopCommerce.

Lavish Kumar

Location: New York, USA
Forum username: L.K
Url: Striving programmers

By profession, he is a software programmer / web developer, graphic designer & DBA. He is passionate about technology and electronic gadgets. He enjoys writing tech articles and developing web applications.

Krunal Jariwala

Location: India
Forum username: jariwalakrunal

Founder of Xcellence-IT, specializing in nopCommerce customization and plugin development. He has an active interest in strategic IT consulting, website performance & conversion optimization, e-commerce and cloud technologies.

Lam Woon Cherk

Location: Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Forum username: wooncherk

Owner of panoRazzi, a Malaysian web development firm. Also blogs about nopCommerce at Pro nopCommerce.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Forum username:
Url: is a team of developers and designers who have established themselves as a leading vendor of nopCommerce plugins and themes. Since its start in 2011 the company has been a keen supporter and promoter of the nopCommerce technology.

Peter Mitchell

Location: Newcastle, UK
Forum username: petemitch

Peter Mitchell is full-time web developer with an interest in ecommerce and a passion for learning new technologies. He likes nopCommerce, nice food and good beer (but not necessarily in that order).

Andy McKenna

Location: Grand Rapids, MI USA
Forum username: AndyMcKenna

I'm a web developer in the manufacturing industry. I also enjoy ice hockey and video games.

Hezy Ziv

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Forum username: hezyz

Day job: Attorney, started programming 15 years ago as a hobby and can't stop since then. Own several commercial websites.

Bruce Leggett

Location: United States
Forum username: breakskater

Bruce Leggett is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for ecommerce, enterprise, and social network application development.

Blake Smith

Location: Idaho Falls, USA
Forum username: SilhouetteBS

Owner of Silhouette Web Solutions. Specialize in e-commerce, site design & development, mobile sites, inbound marketing, and local SEO.

Shahdat Hosain

Location: Bangladesh
Forum username: shahdat45ict

Senior Software Engineer, skilled in .NET technologies, developed multiple e-commerce web applications. Experienced in ERP integration, other platforms migration into nopCommerce.

Location: Krakow, Poland
Forum username: nop4you

Since 2011, a group of people has became one of the biggest nopCommerce Plugins Developers. Our portfolio has more than 60 products and still rising! With our extensions and integrations you may create a web store in just a moment and focus only on the sales.

Xtreme Commerce

Location: Devon, United Kingdom
Forum username: XtremeCommerce

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for Ecommerce and work on nopCommerce full time helping businesses get started online, also providing Bootstrap Themes and Plugins for the nopCommerce community, along with being a Foster Carer helping less fortunate children find their way in life.

Paul Knopf

Location: Bradenton, FL, USA
Forum username: theonlylawislove

Paul, 22, is a freelance web developer (hire me?) who has been developing since he could remember (html and homestead/geocities, lol). He has contributed to many open source projects including n2cms and dashcommerce (before nopcommerce became what it is today).

Olga Yegorov

Location: Israel, Holon
Forum username: olga_zov

Founder of “Credo Technologies”, a pioneer in the nopCommerce technology. Today Credo is on top of the leading companies in the development of modules and web sites based NopCommerce.

Hayden Smith

Location: Peebles , Scotland
Forum username: haydie

I'm a serial workaholic - Web Developer, Construction Professional (c'mon, who wants to spend all day in front of a computer ? ) graphic designer, an avid gardener and a dad. Love mountain biking and walking in the Scottish hills and mountains especially around my home town . Oh, and I'm a long time lover of nop!

Đỗ Anh Tuấn

Location: Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Forum username: ima9ines

I'm a front-end web developer. I like to work with CMS and eCommerce.


Location: Berlin, Germany
Forum username:

Web developers, installation, Forum nopCommerce German. We create plug-ins for nopCommerce.


Location: Virginia, United States
Forum username: Tim2376

Timothy is an engineering student at the University of Virginia who enjoys web design and development. He is an entrepreneur and a big Nopcommerce fan.

Vipul Dumaniya

Location: India
Forum username: vipul.dumaniya

I am the owner of Satyanam Info Solutions , I have more the 4 years of experience only on NopCommerce based projects. We have a team for more than 15 developers working only on Nop based projects from last 4 years.

Md. Minul Islam Sohel

Location: Bangladesh
Forum username: Sohel

He is a Software Engineer at BrainStation-23 Ltd, skilled in .NET technologies, developed multiple e-commerce web applications and migrated other platforms into nopCommerce. He is a big nopCommerce fan. This is all about him, looking forward to update himself with the latest updating technologies smile emoticon. Sometime funny-Sometime serious mood keeps changing, but attitude remains same.

Anik Saha

Location: Bangladesh
Forum username: anik1991

I started my career as Mobile Application Developer in 2013. Till then I have worked on different technologies. Now working on the Mvc5 application. I have developed multiple eCommerce web application and API using Mvc5, Wep Api 2 and nopCommerce. I am a big fan of nopCommerce. I always try to learn new technologies. Currently I am working in BrainStation-23 and working with nopCommerce Mobile and Web Team.

Ben Foster

Location: UK
Forum username: retroviz

Ben has been developing applications on the .net platform for a number of years. He runs Retroviz, a UK based development company, specializing in web based solutions, particularly ecommerce. Ben is a technology enthusiast and promoter of lean development practices. When he's not working he's probably blogging.