nopCommerce Most Valuable Persons

The nopCommerce Most Valuable Person (MVP) is our way of saying thank you to exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge with others.


Location: Mexico City
Forum username: Tecnofin

Tecnofín has more than 30 years of experience as consultant and developer in e-Commerce and e-Banking. We have developed over 300 sites in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru.


Location: New York, USA
Forum username: New York

Owner of nopTools, where you will find leading edge extensions and productivity tools for nopCommerce.

Lavish Kumar

Location: New York, USA
Forum username: L.K
Url: Striving programmers

By profession, he is a software programmer / web developer, graphic designer & DBA. He is passionate about technology and electronic gadgets. He enjoys writing tech articles and developing web applications.

Krunal Jariwala

Location: India
Forum username: jariwalakrunal

Founder of Xcellence-IT, specializing in nopCommerce customization and plugin development. He has an active interest in strategic IT consulting, website performance & conversion optimization, e-commerce and cloud technologies.

Lam Woon Cherk

Location: Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Forum username: wooncherk

Owner of panoRazzi, a Malaysian web development firm. Also blogs about nopCommerce at Pro nopCommerce.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Forum username:
Url: is a team of developers and designers who have established themselves as a leading vendor of nopCommerce plugins and themes. Since its start in 2011 the company has been a keen supporter and promoter of the nopCommerce technology.

Peter Mitchell

Location: Newcastle, UK
Forum username: petemitch

Peter Mitchell is full-time web developer with an interest in ecommerce and a passion for learning new technologies. He likes nopCommerce, nice food and good beer (but not necessarily in that order).

Andy McKenna

Location: Grand Rapids, MI USA
Forum username: AndyMcKenna

I'm a web developer in the manufacturing industry. I also enjoy ice hockey and video games.

Hezy Ziv

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Forum username: hezyz

Day job: Attorney, started programming 15 years ago as a hobby and can't stop since then. Own several commercial websites.

Bruce Leggett

Location: United States
Forum username: breakskater

Bruce Leggett is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for ecommerce, enterprise, and social network application development.

Blake Smith

Location: Idaho Falls, USA
Forum username: SilhouetteBS

Owner of Silhouette Web Solutions. Specialize in e-commerce, site design & development, mobile sites, inbound marketing, and local SEO.

Shahdat Hosain

Location: Bangladesh
Forum username: shahdat45ict

Senior Software Engineer, skilled in .NET technologies, developed multiple e-commerce web applications. Experienced in ERP integration, other platforms migration into nopCommerce.

Location: Krakow, Poland
Forum username: nop4you

Since 2011, a group of people has became one of the biggest nopCommerce Plugins Developers. Our portfolio has more than 60 products and still rising! With our extensions and integrations you may create a web store in just a moment and focus only on the sales.

Xtreme Commerce

Location: Devon, United Kingdom
Forum username: XtremeCommerce

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for Ecommerce and work on nopCommerce full time helping businesses get started online, also providing Bootstrap Themes and Plugins for the nopCommerce community, along with being a Foster Carer helping less fortunate children find their way in life.

Paul Knopf

Location: Bradenton, FL, USA
Forum username: theonlylawislove

Paul, 22, is a freelance web developer (hire me?) who has been developing since he could remember (html and homestead/geocities, lol). He has contributed to many open source projects including n2cms and dashcommerce (before nopcommerce became what it is today).

Olga Yegorov

Location: Israel, Holon
Forum username: olga_zov

Founder of “Credo Technologies”, a pioneer in the nopCommerce technology. Today Credo is on top of the leading companies in the development of modules and web sites based NopCommerce.

Hayden Smith

Location: Peebles , Scotland
Forum username: haydie

I'm a serial workaholic - Web Developer, Construction Professional (c'mon, who wants to spend all day in front of a computer ? ) graphic designer, an avid gardener and a dad. Love mountain biking and walking in the Scottish hills and mountains especially around my home town . Oh, and I'm a long time lover of nop!

Đỗ Anh Tuấn

Location: Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Forum username: ima9ines

I'm a front-end web developer. I like to work with CMS and eCommerce.


Location: Berlin, Germany
Forum username:

Web developers, installation, Forum nopCommerce German. We create plug-ins for nopCommerce.


Location: Virginia, United States
Forum username: Tim2376

Timothy is an engineering student at the University of Virginia who enjoys web design and development. He is an entrepreneur and a big Nopcommerce fan.

Vipul Dumaniya

Location: India
Forum username: vipul.dumaniya

I am the owner of Satyanam Info Solutions , I have more the 4 years of experience only on NopCommerce based projects. We have a team for more than 15 developers working only on Nop based projects from last 4 years.

Md. Minul Islam Sohel

Location: Bangladesh
Forum username: Sohel

He is a Software Engineer at BrainStation-23 Ltd, skilled in .NET technologies, developed multiple e-commerce web applications and migrated other platforms into nopCommerce. He is a big nopCommerce fan. This is all about him, looking forward to update himself with the latest updating technologies smile emoticon. Sometime funny-Sometime serious mood keeps changing, but attitude remains same.

Anik Saha

Location: Bangladesh
Forum username: anik1991

I started my career as Mobile Application Developer in 2013. Till then I have worked on different technologies. Now working on the Mvc5 application. I have developed multiple eCommerce web application and API using Mvc5, Wep Api 2 and nopCommerce. I am a big fan of nopCommerce. I always try to learn new technologies. Currently I am working in BrainStation-23 and working with nopCommerce Mobile and Web Team.

Ben Foster

Location: UK
Forum username: retroviz

Ben has been developing applications on the .net platform for a number of years. He runs Retroviz, a UK based development company, specializing in web based solutions, particularly ecommerce. Ben is a technology enthusiast and promoter of lean development practices. When he's not working he's probably blogging.