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Official developer certification from nopCommerce team
Certified developer program
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Introduction to the certification

The world of nopCommerce is expanding every day. More and more store owners are introduced to nopCommerce. For the mutual benefit of the store owners and the developers, we are happy to announce nopCommerce developer certification test. This test is designed to certify one's skills as nopCommerce developer, thus giving them official recognition and proof. Find more information below.

The certification in brief

The developer takes a paid online exam, scoring 80% or more to pass. The exam fee is 100$. The fee is non-returnable. The developer buys an online exam voucher. Please note, once the voucher is bought, it can be used later, it is not necessary to buy the vouchers right before exam. On passing the exam, the developer is awarded the Certified Specialist badge and is given the Specialist certificate. On failing the exam, the developer is allowed to retake the exam for additional fee anytime.

Benefits of certification

  • Official skills recognition

    Obtaining the certified specialist badge and certificate will make you or your agency more marketable. And gaining, even more, prestige in the nopCommerce world. Certified experts will be listed in the certified developers directory on official nopCommerce site.

  • Staying current with technologies

    Certification is based on nopCommerce latest version and is an excellent test of developer's skills and knowledge.

  • Advancing your career

    Being certified specialist opens more possibilities on HR market and opens an opportunity to advance on your existing job or keeping your team's skills high.

  • Attracting more clients

    Certified specialists draw more clients and generally are more trustworthy. Obtaining the certificate is an effective way to attract clients by indicating your exceptional and officially recognized position as the nopCommerce developer.

  • Adequate self-evaluation

    The certificate can boost your self-confidence as a professional and be a good ground for promotion or raise.

  • For solution partners

    The number of certified specialists is shown under the title of the agency on the Solution partners page.

On successful certification you receive

The certified developer Badge. It will be added to your profile on our forums. Certified Developer
The nopCommerce certified developer certificate for printing (PDF version).
Mention on the official nopCommerce site on the certification directory page.


Everyone can take exam, but we strongly recommend the ideal candidate to have:
  • Solid understanding of the .NET Framework and ASP.NET MVC development
  • Experience in frontend development
  • Experience with design and development of nopCommerce powered shops

Certification process

  • After completing the form in 24 hours the invitation will be dispatched on the e-mail indicated in form
  • Exam will be taken online
  • Must be completed in one session
  • The length of session is 60 minutes
  • The exam is open book type
  • The entire exam consists of 50 questions
  • 80% of correct answers grant certification

Find the list of certified specialists in certification directory.

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