FastTranslate 1.1 - Translation kit for nopCommerce (all versions)

Provides powerful editing features for translation of resource files. Source included.
Author: wezzix

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FastTranslate 1.1 - This software is useful when translating language XML files, providing reference language, sorting, searchability and more.

Source is included under the GPL-2.0 license.

nopCommerce compatibility: 1.90 - 2.80 (and likely later versions).

Binary: Microsoft .NET 3.5 Runtime
Source: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later.


  • Reads and writes language XML files containing tags such as: <language name="English"><localeresource name="AboutUs">About us</localeresource> ...
  • Also works with the newer format with <Children> tags.
  • Lets you work with a reference file and a translated file side by side.
  • Sort on any column, including Leaf resource which simplifies finding similar texts allowing bulk copy.
  • Find a string containing text using Ctrl-F.
  • Multi-paste. Paste a single value in multiple fields at once (Ctrl-V).
  • Quickly jump to the next text to be translated using Ctrl-Enter (or back using Ctrl-Shift-Enter).
  • Remove orphan lines: If a language file from a previous version was loaded, this command removs strings that no longer appears in the reference language.
  • Fill in the blanks: Copies any untranslated strings from the reference language.
  • Open additional resource files 3 and 4 side by side for comparison with previous work.

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Copyright (C) 2013 Markus Kvist, StjärnDistribution AB
Contact: Markus Kvist,
Licence: GPL-2.0

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Minor issue
Using nop 3.4 so string resource names are exported in lower case & some in upper case.  It seems to happen after editing a string in the backoffice - the system saves it internally as lower case.
After the export, there is problems matching the resource name in multiple files.
To avoid this I changed line 310 in your MainForm.cs to change all to lowercase:
string name = localeResource.Attribute("Name").Value.ToLower();

It seems to be working ok.

From: jsr | Created on: 11/13/2014 3:36 PM

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There is no installation necessary. Just unzip and run the executable. FastTranslate is compatible with the latest nopCommerce version, currently 3.40.

From: wezzix | Created on: 11/1/2014 7:06 AM

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How to install?
I'm a newbie in nopCommerce. Please someone tell me how to install FastTranslate?

From: mynameismosa | Created on: 11/1/2014 6:46 AM

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is there will be for version 3.0

thank you

From: dra123 | Created on: 5/31/2013 2:54 PM

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Nice work
Really very clean programmed application.

Please take a look to mine app:

From: fruzicka | Created on: 2/23/2012 7:46 AM

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Good tool
It´s a good tool for fast editing of text or complete translations.

From: TCH | Created on: 1/18/2012 1:56 AM

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