Why choose nopCommerce

We developed nopCommerce as an ultimate solution for all eCommerce needs. We made it effective and convenient for all parties of eCommerce: store owners (1), administrative staff (2), developers (3), and customers.

CMS Critic award

1. Cost-saving and effective

  • Lower TCO
  • The free and open-source solution that has the power of enterprise editions
  • Great ROI from start since the solution is free
  • Allows a fast, costless and reliable start in eCommerce
  • nopCommerce is much more than simple e-commerce script. It is a platform with the variety of features.
  • Professional community. All plugins are of high quality
  • Most stable, reliable and bug-free open source e-commerce solution
  • Faster-working compared with competitors
  • Developed in true open-source nature - the nopCommerce team is open to discussion / suggestion and criticism
  • Easily scalable and expandable tool. You can adapt nopCommerce for your business need in less time than other competitive shopping carts
  • With over 1.8 million downloads it is the most popular e-commerce open source application in .Net and one of the featured applications in the Windows App Gallery
  • nopCommerce has 8 years of successful history int the market with around 35 releases
  • There are more than one hundred solution partners in nearly 40 countries plus other freelancers that can assist in the development of the store and provide high-quality plugins
  • nopCommerce can be scaled very easily to support millions of products and hundreds of concurrent visitors. It can be run in Azure and web farms
nopCommerce admin

2. Powerful e-commerce platform for store-owners

nopCommerce is full of configurable features and options to meet the specific needs of every potential store-owner.

  • Very flexible design which is responsive to adapt to tablets and other mobile devices
  • nopCommerce is the only opensource e-commerce solution with multi-vendor and multi-store features!
  • Supports different types of products: regular, clothing (with sizes, colors, materials, etc), configurable with features and options, bundles, subscriptions, for rent, memberships, downloadable, etc.
  • Powerful catalog tools. Define more than 60 different properties for a product like name, descriptions, prices, special prices, specifications, attributes, SEO data, stock management, etc. All of these properties are quite complex themselves so that you can achieve almost any ecommerce scenario
  • Flexible pricing, promotions and discount system with coupon codes
  • Full of marketing tools such as banners, topics, best-selling and recently viewed/purchased products, up and cross sell, newsletter, reminder and notification emails, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), reward points, affiliate program, etc.
  • Advanced SEO management for all catalog pages, as well as any other page in nopCommerce. There is a backend management of all the SEO meta tags for every entity in nopCommerce. All URLs are SEO-friendly, referred to as slugs
  • Compatibility with shipping providers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, etc
  • A variety of payment providers like PayPal, 2Checkout, SagePay, etc
  • User management with Vendors functionality. Define user roles, vendors and edit access control lists easily from the administrative panel. The public side is also very resourceful
  • Built-in blog, news and forum with mighty tools of SEO optimization
  • More than 1,400 plugins and themes offer additional options and features
  • Customer service: order attributes, returns, order and requests status notifications, private messaging, automated mailing, etc.
  • Supports product export to Google Sell, Amazon and Facebook
  • Smart Multi-language support out of the box with an RTL support. Note that multi-language pages will not harm the SEO-optimization
  • Easy & secure checkout process which integrates both with the user management and the payment providers
  • Find all of them explained in details on our features page
nopCommerce public demo

3. Easy for developers and designers

The code base follows best practices like Inversion of Control, Separation of Concerns, ORM, Automapping, etc and is always updated with the latest versions of ASP.NET MVC.

You get following the features out of the box:

  • Can be easily modified and in lesser time compared to other competitive cart solutions because its architecture is very well defined, is predictable
  • It is the only well featured shopping cart in ASP.NET MVC framework. The rest are in PHP or other technologies
  • Dependency management via Autofac, which integrates both with MVC and your custom code
  • An extensible plugin architecture that works without touching the core
  • A ready to use data layer using the newest Entity Framework with Code First and Fluent API, both making it very easy to extend
  • A built-in user management with all the required features like external authentication, password recovery, OpenId and most importantly ACL (access control list) allowing for fine-grained permissions management
  • An extensible theming mechanism
  • Great quality plugins & themes. More than 1,000 plugins and themes and themes available for ready usage
  • Really secure. Only one security patch in 7 years (furthermore, related to a third party component)

Everything in nopCommerce is 100% extensible mostly due to the fact that it is based on ASP.NET MVC and the best practices that come with MVC and that it uses these technologies properly.

4. Supported by a very active community

nopCommerce has a community of thousands of users who contribute to the growth and development of the nopCommerce project.

  • Providing assistance to other users
  • Helping in testing and reporting issues in each release
  • Contributing with code, plugins and other extensions
  • Orienting the planning of the roadmap and other strategic issues

5. Statistics

  • More than 1,800,000 downloads
  • Used by popular brands such as Volvo, Puma, Reebok, DHC skincare, Columbia, Celine Dion, Medindia, Speedo, and so on.
  • 185,000 registered community members
  • 185,000 forum posts
  • More than 110 solution partners from 39 countries
  • More than 1,400 third-party plugins, themes, language packs from 400 vendors
  • 500,000 downloads of free plugins or themes