Advanced Image Optimization Plugin (

Advanced Image Optimization Plugin (
Automatically compress and optimize the store’s images.
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Supported versions: 4.00 , 4.10 , 4.20
Created: September 02,2019
Last updated: September 07,2019

Advanced Image Optimization Plugin

for nopcommerce
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HyperNop Advanced Image Optimization Plugin would automatically compress and optimize the store’s images. Images are an extremely important part of every online store. Since the customers are not physically inspecting the products, image are their only visual manner to evaluate the said products.

Data wise, image are massive and heavy and since an online store with a moderate number of catalog could have hundreds of images, this amount of data can potentially slow down the store and increases the load time of the pages. This will result in low efficiency and low rankings in search engines and bad SEO.

This plugin automatically compresses and optimize all of the store’s images. The end result of these compressions and optimizations would help the store to increases its efficiency and lower the page load speed which would cause the store to have better SEO results, increase in google page speed and have a better ranking at website evaluation tools like GTmetrix..

All that the store owner needs to do is to simply specify the path(s) which the store’s images are stored in, in the plugin’s configuration page and after that, the plugin would compress and optimize every existing image and every image that would be added to the store later on.

This plugin uses two different methods to compress images, “Normal Compression” and “Lossless Compression”. In Lossless compression, all of the file’s data would remain intact and after compression, all of the data could be restored (without losing any data). In some situation losing some of the data is not very important (like losing some unnoticeable quality of images or video files by human eyes). Using Normal compression method would be better in these situations. In this method after compressing the file, some of its data would be lost and they could not be restored. The store owner can choose which of these compression methods the plugin should use.

Here are some of the nopCommerce images before and after of compression and optimization process of the plugin:

Original Image
(without compression)
OriginalNormal CompressionLossless Compression
Image Size: 19.3KB
Image Dimensions: 510 * 510
Image Size: 12.8KB
Image Dimensions: 510 * 510
Image Size: 17KB
Image Dimensions: 510 * 510
OriginalNormal CompressionLossless Compression
Image Size: 66.1KB
Image Dimensions: 594 * 453
Image Size: 22.8KB
Image Dimensions: 594 * 453
Image Size: 23KB
Image Dimensions: 594 * 453

This plugin supports the images with following extensions
- .jpg
- .jpeg
- .png
- .webp
- .bmp
- .ico
- .tif
- .gif

Please note that this plugin does not use any external API for the optimization and compression process. All of the optimization and compression process are done using internal function.

Plugin resources can be modified by store owner (localization).

You can ask for customization to the plugin using contact us page.

Developed by HyperNop


1. The ability to automatically optimize all of the store’s images.

2. The ability to automatically compress all of the store’s images.

3. Results in better google page speed, SEO and better ranking in website evaluation tools.


  • Supported versions 4.00, 4.10 and 4.20
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Made With Responsive Design in Mind
  • Plugin Customization According to Customer's Request
  • Works With All of the Well Known Themes
  • Upload, Install, Ready to Go!

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