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become a nopCommerce partner nopCommerce official site receives over 600,000 pageviews monthly, our newsletter subscribers database contains over 88,000 community members. We offer our advertising services for those who want to reach out to the nopCommerce community with their message. As we provide our users only pertinent content, advertisements you share should be relevant.
Below is a list of ad placement options.


1. Marketplace page. Four featured plugins (banners) appear on the top of the marketplace page. It is uniquely suited for third-party extension and theme vendors. This page is only visited by people interested in nopCommerce products. Hence, this is highly-targeted advertising. This page receives over 85,000 pageviews monthly.
  • Cost of the top left plugin or theme (1): $1,000 per month
  • Cost of the top right plugin or theme (2): $950 per month
  • Cost of the lower left plugin or theme (3): $900 per month
  • Cost of the lower right plugin or theme (4): $850 per month

2. Dedicated newsletter drop. We offer dedicated advertising email drops to our solution, technology and hosting partners. The dedicated email drop is sent to all newsletter subscribers (over 101,000 community members). The content of the email is written by partner’s specialists. Please view some samples of previous newsletter email drops here, here, here, here.
Here you can find guidelines for preparing nopCommerce newsletter drop.
  • Cost: $0.02 per subscriber

We can reject any ad, sponsorship or company listing for any reason, and will not accept content that is deceptive, misleading or offensive.

For more information about advertising options please contact us.