Amazon Product Uploader

Amazon Product Uploader
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This plugin is useful to upload NopCommerce product on Amazon seller center.
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Supported versions: 3.90 , 4.00
Created: July 24,2017
Last updated: April 16,2018

This plugin can be used to upload product from NopCommerce to Amazon seller center. Below are the information which will be posted from NopCommerce product detail to Amazon.

  • Title = Product.Name
  • Description = Product.FullDescription
  • ShippingWeight (unit of measure is considered as lbs) = Product.Weight
  • MfrPartNumber = Product.Id
  • SearchTerms = Product.MetaKeywords
  • SKU = "sku_{Product.Id}"
  • Brand = picked from plugin setting
  • Manufacturer = picked from pluin setting
  • ProductType = need to select from drop down
  • Price = need to be enter by user(price must be in USD)
  • Quantity = 0 (This will make sure that the product stay inactive on Amazon and admin can edit and make it available for amazon customer manually from Amazon seller center.)
  • Image = First image will considered as main and other images are considered as alternate images (Amazon has limit of 9 images ( 1 main + 8 alternate))

Please note that this plugin is only able to create new product on Amazon in inactive mode. You need to manually update other necessary details as per Amazon. Basically this plugin is usefull to push the above details which you already have set into NopCommerce admin.

Once plugin installed you need to configure Amazon MWS credentials and settings in plugin configuration page. Plugin will add new "Amazon product uploader" tab on product detail page in admin area. To upload product on Amazon, please go to "Amazon product uploader" tab on product edit page, select category(product type), enter price (price must be in USD) and click "Upload to Amazon" button.

Once you click button to upload that particular product to Amazon. The product detail will be posted on Amazon in 4 sequencial steps. 1. Product details 2. Product price. 3. Product quentity. 4. Product images

The above steps are based on scheduled task which you can configure into NopCommerce admin. The scheduled task name will be "Send product to amazon". Default time is 20 minutes. That means each step will be processed after 20 minutes. That means your product will be ready for further content configuration on Amazon after 1.5 hours approx. The relevant status can be viewed on product detail page on that "Amazon product uploader" tab. Once above steps have been processed by scheduled task an email notification will be generated from the system on default email configured into email account.

VarunGupta364 5/1/2019 7:13 AM
Can I get the Source code of this
Can I get the Source code of this Plugin
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sameh.mandour 2/9/2018 2:58 PM
Add Australia
Can you please add australia to this plugin

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