How to reward the customers on your e-Commerce website

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It is quite important to acknowledge the value of customers and rewarding them time to time as they strive to drive the business revenue. Rewarding your customers for being a loyal to your business ensures that they will return to your store to make their next purchase.

An infographic from Zendesk shows that acquiring new customers is an expensive process for businesses, so it’s vital that some of them become loyal to the brand and return for repeat purchases. The data also shows that 34% believe that exceptional customer service is the best way to build customer loyalty. For more information, see this:

Rewarding is a great way to make a connection with your loyal customers to your brand. It shows that you care for your customers who play a significant role in the success of your business and you are willing to go above and beyond to make them happy.

You can reward your customers in many different ways, such as:

Offer free shipping

Shipping is one of the critical factors that are considered by your customers in making a successful buying decision. Business inside says that 60% of online shoppers say free shipping is "very important" to them when making a purchase online, according to a poll from the National Retail Federation.

As a retailer, you can reward your returning customers by offering them free shipping by setting up a minimum order threshold so that you are not losing money (if you are a small business). In some cases, if free shipping is difficult to offer to your customer, flat rate shipping is an option to consider for making your returning customers happy.

Running a reward point program

Rewarding your customer by a reward point or loyalty program is a great way to encourage customers to place an order on your store site. Award points not only for purchasing items but rewarding them for certain actions like points for registration or points on order status when the order is complete. This will certainly make your customers happy and increase the returning visitors to your store site.

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Asking questions or feedback from your customers and showing them that their opinion counts

Asking questions from your customers on upcoming products, their opinion or feedback on your services is a great way to show your loyal customers that you care. Asking question is the first part but the second part that completes the whole process is implementing your customers feedback in your products and services shows them that their opinion counts. The feedback from your customer is very valuable information that can help you improve your product and services. Asking for a feedback from your customer helps you build strong relationships and increase customer satisfaction. There are different ways by which you can communicate with your customers to get their feedback like starting a blog section or discussion board (or forums) can be used to provide your customers an easy way to get in touch with you and to provide feedback.

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Featuring your customers on your store site or social media pages

Regular visitors will love the idea of being features on your e-Commerce site or social media pages. Running programs like “Customer of the week” or saying thank you to any returning customer who placed an order on your store site. This brings value to your business as a brand because it shows that you are acknowledging your customer’s presence and rewarding them for their contribution to your online business.

Some other ways to reward your customers

  • Host sweepstakes
  • Consider giving something free with multiple purchases
  • Feature testimonials on your store site from your customers
  • Respond back to your customers as soon as possible
  • Give your customers personal attention

nopCommerce supports news, blog, forums, polls and product reviews and ratings which allows asking for feedback on products that gives customers a voice and lets others know what people think about your products. nopCommerce also supports review helpfulness feature (“Was this review helpful for you?”). nopCommerce offers a great rewards points program allows you to offer points per dollar spent on your store. The customer can then redeem the points for additional products at your store.

Author: Lavish Kumar

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