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Posted: July 06, 2017 at 11:43 PM Quote #189743
By popular request in the forums...

Visitors Online Tool - nopCommerce Plugin ($10)

This nopCommerce Plugin was developed by Withrow's Place to provide site administrators the ability to display a Visitors Online counter on their public and admin sites. (similar to

Visitors Online Tool is fully configurable (see screenshots on marketplace or the link above). The counters may be enabled/disabled on each public and admin site separately. Placement is up to the administrator by simple CSS settings and may be formatted to the website theme. The plugin is localizable to a preferred language of choice and ready for a multistore application.

The Visitors Online Tool plugin is open source for a small additional fee and available at the author's website.

Configuration Tips

There will always be at least one visitor online - you. While working on your test site you may see two or three visitors online... no panic - this is still you. You as a guest and then you logged in. These guest counters drop off as the authentication cookies expire and is by design in nopCommerce. View the report to verify available on the configurtion page.

If the site has low traffic, consider leaving the public counter disabled so as not to scare off new visitor traffic, unless you choose otherwise for another reason.

The admin site counter is useful for maintenance purposes, for example, you may not want to close your store for upgrades if you have customer traffic. Again you can check the report to see the last viewed page of each visitor to see if they are looking at products, in checkout, or reading forum posts, etc.

You can enable/disable the entire plugin, only the public counter, or only the admin counter using the appropriate checkboxes. Defaults for all settings are found by clicking on the hint icon by each setting if something should go awry during setup. The CSS Class settings instruct the plugin where to insert the counter. The counter is appended to the end of the chosen location. The HTML settings allow customization of the counter display to your site's theme.

Compatability: nopCommerce 3.90

Current Version: 3.9.0

Multistore ready.
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T. Nick Zinni
Posted: July 15, 2017 at 10:32 AM Quote #190089
[UPDATED] An optional feature has been added to Visitor Online Tool to notify visitors of upcoming maintenance events by using a toast notification. The toast is RTL capable and configurable. It even deactivates itself when no longer needed. The intention of the feature is to notify visitors, regardless of the public page they are visiting, of upcoming maintenance issues (not for marketing purposes).

For example, the site admin wants to notify visitors the store will be closing for upgrades or repairs at a particular day and time. One option would be to add text on the homepage about the scheduled maintenance, but what about those visitors who link into the site without accessing the homepage? This is where the toast notification can be activated.

The admin enters the desired message, the start date and time, the end date and time, and selects other desired features like location (top right, top left, bottom width, etc). Once activated, the message will pop up as a toast notification on every public page of the website to ensure all visitors are notified regardless of entry page. The toast will close after a few seconds or if the visitor clicks a close button. If the end date and time are set to correspond with the scheduled maintenance time, then the admin will not have to remember to deactivate the notification on store reopening. Because the feature is intended for maintenance purposes, it is not recommended to utilize for marketing purposes as, remember, it affects every public page. Layout may be customized through the included CSS script.

Screenshots have been updated on the nopCommerce product page.
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T. Nick Zinni
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