Please help us to translate our wikipedia article into your language

7 years ago
nopDev wrote:
hi Andrei,
i will be adding Chinese version, but do i need to register an account in wiki first?
or just email you the translated content?

Please register on wikipedia site
7 years ago
nopDev wrote:
hi Andrei,
i will be adding Chinese version, but do i need to register an account in wiki first?
or just email you the translated content?

Here are some hints that may help for anyone who wants to make a translation into another language:

- Register in Wikipedia, it takes only 30 seconds
- Go to The Nopcommerce Wiki in English and click on the Edit tab in the menu above.
- Translate the wiki of the pseudo-code into your language using Google translator, and then make appropiate language corrections. Ignore the first part commented below
- The first part as shown below is a template that changes from language to language, which generates the wiki box at the right
{{Infobox software
| name =  nopCommerce
| status = Active
| programming language = [[C Sharp (programming language)|C#]]
| author = Andrei Mazoulnitsyn
| developer = The nopCommerce development team
| latest_release_version = 2.60
| latest_release_date = {{release date|2012|07|01}}
| operating_system = [[Windows]]
| genre = [[Online store]]
| license = nopCommerce Public License V2<br>(gplv2 + advertising clause)<ref name="license"/>
| website =

- To find out the template format in your language go to a wiki of any software (i.e. Magento or any other cart, or Windows) and use it as a model to fill it out for The Nop Wiki.
--- Text between double brackets [[text]] are references to other wikies within your language. You can check which is the correct one in your language (if there is one) or just ommit the brackets and it will be shown as plain text.
--- When a text in brackets is followed by a line: [[text1|text2]] the first one is the wiki reference and the second is the text that will be displayed (example: [[C Sharp (programming language)|C#]]

- While you are editing the wiki you can always click on Preview option to see the reesults.
- Proceed with the pseudocode of the main text:

'''nopCommerce''' is an [[open source]] [[e-commerce]] solution that is [[ASP.NET_MVC_Framework|ASP.NET MVC]] 3.0 based with a [[MS SQL]] 2005 (or higher) backend [[database]]. It is available under the nopCommerce Public License V2<ref name="license">{{cite web|url=|title=nopCommerce Public License V2|accessdate=2011-01-13 |publisher=nopCommerce I/S }}</ref> and officially launched in October 2008 for small to medium-sized businesses.

nopCommerce is a secure, scalable and extendable e-commerce platform.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=NopCommerce vs Commerce Server|accessdate=2011-01-13 |publisher=e-Commerce On .NET|author=Stelio Di Bello}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=ASP.NET e-commerce wars: dashCommerce vs. nopCommerce|accessdate=2011-01-13|publisher=DEESEA|author=Sampath dassanayake}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Cart of the Week: nopCommerce|accessdate=2011-01-13|publisher=Practical eCommerce|author=Brendan Gibbons}}</ref>

- There are some References included at the en of the wiki. They are more or less in the format <ref>{{......}}</ref>. Check in a wiki in your language (Magento, Windows, etc.) how they are handled, so you can do it in the Nop wiki. Examples:

<ref name="license">{{cite web|url=|title=nopCommerce Public License V2|accessdate=2011-01-13 |publisher=nopCommerce I/S }}</ref>


<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=NopCommerce vs Commerce Server|accessdate=2011-01-13 |publisher=e-Commerce On .NET|author=Stelio Di Bello}}</ref>

- The Contents table will be indexed automaticaly
- You can include the main or all of the Nop features as shown below. You can use following coding:
       == Main-Title ==
       === Secondary Title ===
       * Text with bullits

== Main Features ==
=== General Catalog Features ===
* Supports an automatic version for most popular [[mobile devices]] ([[IOS Apple|Apple]], [[Android (operating system)|Android]], [[BlackBerry]], [[Windows CE|Windows]], etc.)
* Supports categories and manufacturers
* Categories can also be fully nested to any level desired (sub-categories)
* Products can be mapped to more than one category or manufacturer
* One-page Checkout

- Finsish with "See also", "References" (generated automaticaly), "External Links", and references to Nop wikies in other languages (updated automaticaly):

== See also ==
* [[List of Open Source eCommerce Software]]

== References ==

==External links==
* [ Official nopCommerce Website]
* [ nopCommerce templates]
* [ nopCommerce CodePlex project hosting]




Do not forget to Save the wiki.
7 years ago
I added Japanese version into Wiki.
4 years ago

Your help is highly appreciated
4 years ago
a.m. wrote:

Your help is highly appreciated

Just did some minors updates in English, Spanish, Frech, German and Italian versions.

If someone wants to contribute translating it in other language here are some hints to do it
4 years ago
Done in Vietnamese
4 years ago
We have done it for Bangla
4 years ago
Thanks a lot!
4 years ago
a.m. wrote:
Currently wikipedia has nopCommerce articles only in English, Italian and Russian. Please translate the following wikipedia article into your language: Feature list could be omitted.


UPDATE: English, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese. Vietnamese, Bangla versions added

Here are the most spoken languages according the Wikipedia:
Language  Native Speakers (Million)  Total Speakers (Million)
1  English          375                  1500
2  Chinese          982             1100
3  Hindi            460                   650
4  Spanish          330             420
5  French            79             370
6  Arabic          206             300
7  Russian          165             275
8  Portuguese  216             235
9  Bengali          215             233
10  German          105             185

Any volunteers for Hindi (Nop has many users and visitors from India)  and Chinese translation?
4 years ago
I've just found out that one of Wikipedia editors has deleted NopCommerce article with a reason "Recreation of a page that was deleted". I've just contacted him/her trying to find out how it can be added back. If you know how to do it better please let me know