Upgrade Issues: V1.2 to V1.3 (Help!)

10 years ago
I upgraded from V1.2 to V1.3 last night and the upgrade changed the admin credentials which caused a lock out of my cart. The pw recovery page is not accessible after the upgrade either...if anyone finds a resolve or can share where the pw is stored in the app please share.

My store is hosted by GoDaddy with the following specs:
Windows Server
ASP.Net 2.0/3.0/3.5
IIS 6.0

10 years ago
Log on to your GoDaddy hosting account and click "manage account"

Go to databases and select your store's database

Click "manage via web admin" and log in to the database

Make sure the directory tree on the left is expanded until you see "tables" and click on it

Find the line that says nop_customer and click the "edit" icon on the right of this line.  Hover over the icons to make sure you have the correct icon.  You do NOT want to accidentally delete this!

Find the line that contains the email address that you are trying to use to login as the administrator and click the "edit" icon on the left end of this line

Scroll down to the "is admin" box and make sure the number 1 is selected.

Click the save button.

If this doesn't work, I would just log in to your online store as a new customer and repeat the whole process for the new account you just created.

This is what I had to do when I first installed 1.3 in order to have admin access (even though I used "[email protected] and my database password)

Hope this helps!

10 years ago
hey thanks mark...i tried to locate the table that contained the user information prior to your reply to no avail. i did however locate it with your help and was able to correct the issue. it appears the pw data is stored encrypted by sql so i had to actually delete the entire account i was using as the admin acct.
after deleting the previous admin account from the db i re-registered using the same credentials, logged back into the db, and set the "IsAdmin" attribute to 1.
with that change, everything is once again fine...

oh, just a note, my logo was also over written in the upgrade from v1.2 to v1.3...
10 years ago
Glad to hear it worked out for you.  I'm happy with nopCommerce now, but I learned everything the hard way--I have experienced almost all of the installation/configuration problems that are posted here and have also found solutions to those problems here in this forum.

I came to the game late, so my initial install was ver 1.3 .  Mozilla firefox and the firebug plug-in are must-haves for customizing nop-Commerce (and solving logo-overwriting problems).
10 years ago
Don't have this line in godaddy  (Find the line that says nop_customer) need some help please cant log in as admin