Apache Solr integration for nopCommerce - More than 900% improvement in average response time

6 years ago
Thank you for this excellent plugin for nop. Just left a review on your plugin page.

When can we expect Ajax filters?
6 years ago
bipin wrote:
Thank you for this excellent plugin for nop. Just left a review on your plugin page.

When can we expect Ajax filters?

6 years ago
Hi, check the updates here published on the first forum post!
6 years ago
nopAccelerate proudly announces the recent release with most requested features which includes Advanced Faceting with new easy to use User Interface with Multi Select Faceting, New Price Range Filter with support for instant Ajax loading.

Moreover, nopAccelerate Solr plugins fully supports multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency features of nopCommerce.

What's New?

1. nopAccelerate now support Ajax Filtering, Multi Select Facet and a new easy to use User Interface

nopAccelerate now supports all features as promised including Advanced Filtering features with multi select faceting, price range filters and Ajax powered category pages.

Check out the Advanced Filtering Demo.

2. nopAccelerate Lite Released

For stores that do not need multi select faceting and ajax filtering features, can now use nopAccelerate Lite. The lite edition of the plugin available at affordable price points.

Check the features comparison to find more.

3. New Affordable Introductory Prices with Pay as you Go option (Subscription)

We now have different, more affordable pricing especially for smaller stores!  If your store is having fewer than 5000 products you can start using nopAccelerate with Subscription license. Moreover, subscription license also includes a pre-configured Solr Core hosted on our Solr Cloud Servers to be used with your Store.

Check the introductory prices.

4. Advanced Full-Text Searching

nopAccelerate now supports improved advanced full-text searching including inflectional form of the search term. There are many enhancements being introduced recently like Advanced Language Analysis, Stemming, Analyzers, Spell Check Suggestions, etc. The advanced language analysis now supports more than 30 languages!

5. Drill-down Search on Search Result Page

With recent update you can now offer powerful filters on search results page. Your visitors can now find products quickly by refining search results by Category, Manufacturer, Product Specification and Attributes.

6. Improved Solr Hosting - More Reliable, Secured & Scalable Solr Hosting

Our Cloud Solr Servers are now fully operational. We now have three nodes spread across world to offer faster response times. Note that subscription license includes a pre-configured Solr Core already and if you want to use it for download license or for larger catalogs, please request a quote.

7. More Performance Enhancement

With current release we have further improved performance of the plugin, especially for a larger stores having more than few thousands products and hundreds of categories. The result is faster store that doesn't slow when you grow your catalog size and traffic, is easy to scale when you need and offers richer customer experience that result into increased conversion rate.

We’re sure your customers will love it!

8. Demo with 80,000+ products

The earlier demo store was having 10,000 products, which was updated to have 80,000 product and without a single point drop in performance. Actually with newer version, the performance is further improved especially for larger store.

So, the demo store now have more than 80,000 products with categories, manufacturers and Tags having thousands of products. Check out the blazing fast catalog pages, faceted navigation and search results.

Note that demo store's Solr Core is remotely hosted on our Powerful Solr Cloud Servers to demonstrate its capability. And if you host Solr on same server then you can reduce further 150-300 ms of time taken for latency.

Open Demo Store

We're open to your question and we carefully listen to your suggestions. If you have any question or idea regarding nopAccelerate, please feel free to speak. You can send us your feedback directly.


6 years ago
Looks very fast and interesting. Good job!
6 years ago
A few months ago we used NOPAccelerate. The product is very fast and helped us a lot in implementations.
The team collaborates NOP always sharing and helping when new codes have limitations.
We strongly recommend the product.
6 years ago
fobarros wrote:
A few months ago we used NOPAccelerate. The product is very fast and helped us a lot in implementations.
The team collaborates NOP always sharing and helping when new codes have limitations.
We strongly recommend the product.

Hi Fernando,

Thank you for providing your review about nopAccelerate. :)
6 years ago
a.m. wrote:
Looks very fast and interesting. Good job!

Thank you Andrei for your review!

And we have just released a newer version (Version 2.3) few days back!

What's New?

*    You can now extend nopAccelerate, add new fields, do your own business logic, etc. using additional plug-in (only available to paid customers)
*    Added new API for Add/Update/Delete Product from Index and Start Indexing which can be used to integrate with third-party applications
*    You can now select whether to display Price Range Filter with Slider UI or display a Multi-Select Price Facets
*    Price Filter Slider UI now update Minimum & Maximum Price automatically based on the Facets applied
*    SKU field is now indexed, and available to search
*    You can now define order in which facets are displayed (either by Count or Alphabetically)
*    Added Interface to Add/Update/Delete Product from Index in Core Plugin
*    You can now check whether connection to Solr is correct or not during configuration
*    Now supports Customer enters Price, Call for Price
*    Several UI Enhancements
*    Several Bug Fixes

This version includes a change in Solr Configuration files (Schema.xml & Config.xml), and therefore you need to run a full indexing after performing an update. Click here to find more details on how to upgrade a plugin.


nopAccelerate.com Team
6 years ago

You must be happy to know that we have just released the newer version (Version 2.4) of nopAccelerate.

What's New?

•  Added support for nopCommerce 3.20
•  Now nopAccelerate is compatible with Apache Solr 4.6
•  Performance Optimization
•  Improved it further for stores with huge catalogs mainly with more than 100,000 products
•  Added Category & Manufacturer filters on Product Tag pages
•  Added Vendor filter on Category Pages
•  Display total number of group products / product variants on Product Box like, 3 more variants available
•  Fine-tuned Search - Low Boosting on nGram field
•  Several bug fixes

You can read the full release notes here.

Demo store updated to nopCommerce 3.20.


nopAccelerate.com Team
5 years ago
Hi JariwalaKunal,
I spent around 10 minutes time to see how the nopaccelerate renders product items particularly using search. I see 10 items per page: Following is my analysis

1. Data retrieved from DB is rendering fast.
2. Images related to product items looks to be OK. But, Here the image name is given is same and perhaps browser might not issue HTTP GET to retrieve the same image. For suppose, if we have unique image name for each product name and we want search such kind of items, will nopaccelarate would render the same results, I mean in terms of performance?

Look Forward to your response.