nopCommerce 3.20 roadmap and estimated release date. Let's discuss.

6 years ago
Hi folks,

I've prepared a draft of the roadmap for the next version of nopCommerce (3.20). This version should cover almost all of the rest active work items. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

- eBay and Facebook integration (as plugins)
- Web farm support (postponed)
- Paid Registrations (postponed)
- Rental products (postponed)
- Better bundle products supports
- Warehouses support
- Further performance optimization.
- And a lot of other enhancements.

You can find all existing work items for this version here (maybe tasks with "Proposed" status won't be done).

Estimate release time - the end of 2013

Your thoughts, idea?

UPDATE (November 18th 2013): Release date - December 9th 2013
6 years ago
could you make the 3.10 release very stable and bug free before you go to vacation plz =)
6 years ago
prodev42 wrote:
could you make the 3.10 release very stable and bug free before you go to vacation plz =)

You should understand that any software has bugs. But you should always take into account a level/priority of a bug (trivial, minor, major, critical, blocker). There were only three issues reported after 3.10 release:

1. ups configure view don't show default country (more info here). that was a major bug. But it's already fixed as part of 3.10.
2. "copy product" functionality should also copy a custom value of specification attributes (more info - minor bug.
3. product attribute pictures full size (more info here). minor bug.

the work items for all the other known issues are already on the codeplex issue tracker and they were reported even before 3.10. And they were not resolved because there's no good solution found yet.

Of course, a critical or blocker bug should result in a new version released (with this bug fixed). But I don't think that the only two minor bugs (reported after 3.10 release) make nopCommerce unstable. Nobody releases a new version after some minor bug is found (until it's something like that). Otherwise, you'll have to upgrade to a newer version each week.

P.S. I've seen several your topics posted into "Bug reports" forum. But all of them were moved info some other forums because they are not really bugs and were caused by some wrong configuration.
6 years ago

Store managers - store manger should only be able to see admins areas with his stores details; sales, products, categories etc.

Individual 'default' email addresses per store.

Cheers for a great product by the way :)

6 years ago
It's great to see that you guys are active and keep improving the product!

I'd like to see native support for true one page checkout (without the accordion menu), and also better customization options for the checkout process. Is this something you have in your roadmap up ahead? I couldn't find any improvement tasks in the list for 3.2

I think it's really important to improve the way the customers input address when checking out. You give the customer the impression that they will have to input their shipping address, instead of being really clear that they only have to input theaddress if it is different from the billing address. This is affecting conversion rates ALOT.

The checkout process should be the most worked at area of any good ecommerce platform, which is why I'm wondering how you're planning on improving it. It's far from being one of the best out there. You guys are really talented, but I think you should be thinking about conversion more.

That's the key to being one of the best platforms, instead of just being one in a bunch.
6 years ago
I propose:

1. Plugins can overwrite a current route without change the core's source code

For now, If I want to change the url of a tag (producttag/1/product-name -> tag/product-name-1), I have to change the source code of the core

2. Add meta tags (keywords, description...) and html description for each product tag. This will be very helpful for SEO

3. improve URL for blog tags (and if possible integrate the SEO functionality)

4. Custom currency (always shows this currency without changing when switch to select another currency)

for example:
product 1, 10$ => always shows 10$
product 2, => always shows

5. SE friendly url for pagination.

6. Another kind of product attributes (dynamic added, searchable), not product specification attributes.

A real estate property, for example a room in an apartment: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2.000USD/month, with some specifications (TV: yes, swimming pool: Yes...).
When browsing a category I want only show: product name, link, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
6 years ago
Definitely need discounts for payment method!
It is difficult to promote nopCommerce around here simply for lack of this feature.
Something like associate a discount with a payment method. It seems to me the simplest way to implement.

Good work with version 3.10!
6 years ago
I would like to see an option to process a re-order added to the admin area.  From the customer's order detail, they can choose to re-order from an existing order, so the logic appears to be in place.  

If I'm on the phone with the customer and they want to process a re-order, I shouldn't need to impersonate the customer and then navigate to their order screen to process a re-order.   I think a single screen within the admin area could be displayed to confirm the order details, then a single button click to submit the order, done.
6 years ago
I also feel the need to strengthen the functions of nopCommerce plugin interface.
Currently, we provide a plugin "DynamicPdf" for eBook sites, but it is necessary to change the original source to get the event of downloading digital products.

nopCommerce has now plugin interfaces for Payment Method, Shipping Rate, Widget, Tax Provider,  Discount and so on, but there is no mechanism to get the event of downloading digital products.

So our plugin needs to modify slightly "Presentation/Nop.Web/Controllers/DownloadControllers.cs".

On the other hand, in EC-CUBE which is the most popular eCommerce software(PHP Base) in Japan, each plugin can handle the event of downloading digital products and it is very easy to add the plugin.

We would like to expect the more flexible structure in nopCommerce plugin interface.
6 years ago
I am adding Parts Parts Parts

Just 2 items on my wish list for the new 3.2

#1 - I would like to be able to see the SKU for each item on the parts GRID display page.
I can get the SKU to show per item once that part is open, but it would be easier if I could see the SKU number on the grid of parts.

#2 - I would like to have Vendors be able to view the site when it is closed. I do not want to give Vendor ADMIN privileges, but it is easier for them to see progress if they could view web when closed.

Great job so far Guys