10 years ago

      Im testing my gateway but i get an error

     Error: 3|2|13|(TESTMODE) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.|000000|P|0|||760.25||auth_capture||||||||||||||||||||||||||52CAA55317FCE491F35A07B7C2A70CAA||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

     I speak with the gateway support and told me i was pinting to a test site, i should point to the real site.

       So i need to know where it this url configure...

10 years ago
Please, i need help with this topic. Where can i see the URL to comunicate with gateway payment method.

    Thank. Its really urgent.
10 years ago
make sure the test mode in your account is taken off and do not use sandbox mode in your configuration in nopcommerce. that should be about all.
10 years ago
Thanks So much. The problem was the sandbox check. You really help me out.

  Bye. Thank you so much...