Urgent: I need to create a new page with a fill in form, How ?

9 years ago
my website is up, now i have decided to host a lunch party and i want to send invitations to different people , and for that i want to create a page in which they fill out information something like, Name, Number of people attending party, Phone number, address, e-mail address
i tried to create a page by going to admin section > creating new topic > and in the body of the page i tried options like Button, text box available but it doesn't work, please guide me how to do this ? how to create a fill in form, so that as an admin i get their details in my e-mail address that i mentioned in the admin section > mail settings

Please guide me...its urgent...
9 years ago
The quicket thing for you would be to write the details and ask people to email or phone you.  Creating a form would require some .net development.
9 years ago
so there is no way i can create a fill up form using Fckeditor tools available in nopCommerce project in topic pages ?
9 years ago
I can help you if you happen to use GoDaddy.
9 years ago
i am not using Godaddy as the website is already hosted inhouse,
I will really appreciate if you could help me with this issue, please
9 years ago
Don't worry. You're not alone.
Do you want to store their requests in database (difficult)
or email you whatever they filled out in the form (easier) ?

9 years ago
no i don't want to store the information in the database,
i just want the details to be sent to the admin e-mail address that i mentioned in the admin section > global section > mail settings
something like
Number of people attending: NUMBERTEXTBOX

So all the details filled by anyone in the textboxes should be e-mailed to the admin..
i will be really grateful if you could help me with this issue....Please
9 years ago
you could try and duplicate/adapt one of the existing forms pages, e.g. CheckoutShippingAddress, so it only contains infos you need and one submit (next) button; upon click, it sends an email with the text field values, rather than store in the database; a link to the page could then be added to the topics section; does require a little bit of programming though
9 years ago
i am not sure about this way of doing it and i guess it will be more complicated for people to fill out the form in this way, because this is not compulsory that only registered members will get the invitation form, i have to send invitation fill up form to many members doesn't matter if they are registered with the website or not. They just have to fill in their details and i should get an e-mail notification with their details.
9 years ago
I 'll give you a suggestion. Create a new webpage under NopSolutions.NopCommerce.Web name space and be derived from BaseNopPage class. Within the webpage, design your form for filling out with a submit button.
After user clicks the submit button, collect all information in your webpage controls (textbox, dropdownlist...) and put into an email to send to an email address you specified. In order to send email out , you can use  SendEmail method of MessageManager class from NopSolutions.NopCommerce.BusinessLogic.Messages namespace. You also need to use MailAddress class from System.Net.Mail namespace. If you have a list of receiving emails, put them in a List<string> type object.

Hope this helps