Product Enquiry Form

5 years ago
In nopCommerce, can one add a product enquiry form easily / out-of-the-box within the product full page? We want such an enquiry to be similar to the Contact Us enquiry form yet when received by the administrators, it would have a reference to which product the enquiry is about.
5 years ago
Please find of such (or similar) plugins at
5 years ago
Please check this:

5 years ago
I had found such similar plugins but thought that something like this would be functionality out of the box rather than paid up plugins.  'nop4you', I think the tickets system would be an overkill of functionality to such a simple request?  I imagine that one would open up a ticket for every 'query' they have on a product, right?
5 years ago
Yes, every query create a ticket, but it's possible send request to the existing ticket.
This is implemented on our site, you try send request.
5 months ago
After searching and unable to find a simple Product Enquiry, I have decided to write one. Will be ready soon for Nop 4.2 and free. Let me know if anyone is interested.
5 months ago
Here it is:
1 week ago
Thanks for your post. Even am looking for a simple solution.

Seems like your link is not working (,

Can you share the correct URL? Appreciate your help in advance.