How to install?

9 years ago
Hello all! I have a general question regarding installing contributions to my nopcommerce site. I am very new to nopcommerce. For that matter, I'm new to maintaining a non-hosted shopping cart. So, I have a few very basic questions--

#1) As simple as I'm sure it is, in what directory would I install contributions. Even if there is not just one specific answer to this question (if it depends on the module), any assistance that could help get me on the right track would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, I'm not seeing read me files to help me along with the contributions I've downloaded thus far.

#2) Can I install contributions that were designed for earlier versions of nopcommerce w/ my nopcommerce 1.50 installation (i.e. can I install Irresistable Black theme which was designed for 1.20 -

I love the nopcommerce shopping cart so far. Unlike other open source ecommerce solutions I've found which seem to be very bare-bones, there are a slew of wonderful features already present in the nopcommerce core installation. Seems to definitely be a very robust package.
9 years ago
a payment gateway would be put with the other payment gateways and shipping modules  with other shipping modules - these additions require rebuilding of the solution - and later, in they would need referenced from the store

if you are talking about some of the code provided on the forum, there is not a particular place as such -  rather, you would need to copy the code you wanted to make use of  and insert it into the appropriate place in the source code you are working with.

once downloaded and unzipped, themes would be placed in the app_themes folder and could be accessed immediately though the admin  global settings   menu

a theme from 1.3 will not work in v1.5  but there is nothing stopping you from diving in and trying to create a version of irresistable that works with v1.5 !
9 years ago
Thank you for the info!!! =)