Running nopCommerce on Visual Studio 2010, why so many errors ?

9 years ago
I have installed Visual Studio 2010 and checking out the new features

I tried running nopCommerce on VS2010, whenever i try to open nopCommerce solution with VS2010, i always get this window : PLEASE SEE -

I don't understand, if i click on Finish, it converts the nopCommerce project into 4.0 framework and generated like 175 errors

if i click on "Cancel" it never opens the nopCommerce project.

why running 3.5 framework project is so hard on VS2010?

Please guide me with the correct solution, HOW TO RUN NopCommerce on VS2010 ?
9 years ago
I've tried to open nopCommerce 1.50 in VS2010 Ultimate. Everything works fine.
9 years ago
I tried it also, no  problem with version 1.50! Work everything fine!

9 years ago
did you see the message that i get ? Do you get the same message when you open nopCommerce solution in VS ? if yes what do you do ?

i am using VS 2010 Express Edition

how do you open nopCommerce poject in Visual Studio ?
9 years ago
Just to let you know what i do when i get that message:

I tried to click on but i never get any message that says, do you want to convert this or not..

let me provide the screen shot step by step that i get while i open my solution in VS2010 Professional

1) The moment i open my project solution in VS2010, i get this- >

2) When i click next i get this (I choose "No" here)- >

3) After "Next" Now i get this ->

4) If i click Finish it converts my solution into 4.0 framework which generates 175 errorrs, and if i click "cancel" i get nothing,

Please guide me what to do ?
9 years ago
Worked for me too it does do the convert but just not upgrade to 4.0
Do you have ASP.NET 3.5 installed - maybe that is why you are not getting the option not to upgrade?
9 years ago
i do have 3.5 framework installed, i am totally confused

Just to confirm, how you guys open nopCommerce project in VS 2010 ?

Just double click on the solution right ? and it gets opened in Visual Studio
9 years ago
It seems that the application you executed is "Visual Web Developer 2010 Express". (See 4th screenshot)
As far as I know, It is impossible to open the solution of nopCommerce using VWD.
(VWD is express edition.)
9 years ago
Yes you're right i am using Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition but i used to open solution of nopCommerce in Visual Studio Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, it used to work fine, what's the deal with VS2010 Express ?

I downloaded VS2010 Express to test it before buying VS2010 Pro, now as nopCommerce is not working on my side i am confused i should buy VS2010 Pro or not, what if still i face the same problem.

Please guide me in a right direction....
9 years ago
If you are looking for a lowcost VS2010 have a look at this post

nopCommerce works fine for me. On top of VS2010 Professional you get the hole expression studio

Best regards