Classified Ads based on NopCommerce Engine

4 years ago
A Picture worth a thousands words!!! Still under development

Based on my plugin


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New Ad - Specification Attributes
4 years ago
Good job!
4 years ago
Thanks Andrei!!! Thanks for this excellent piece of software.

There is dirty work to be done in Classified Ads but someone got to do it!! :-)
4 years ago
@pda - Nice job!
4 years ago
@pda really excellent job.
3 years ago
Thanks all

New 'advanced search' view like this in almost ready.

Stay tuned!!
2 years ago
Did you discontinued the project or may be you didn't have an intention to suggest it as a product(plugin/theme)?
2 years ago
Project seems to be stalled, so I ended up going with MarketGrabber. It is also a DotNet app.
2 years ago
Isn't it a paid solution?
2 years ago
Yes, MarketGrabber is not free. You do get what you pay for though, and their tech support is good. Some of the configuration features do have a bit of a learning curve, but overall I am very happy with it. Being a DotNet app is important to me as well.  It is a good option if you can't afford to wait for this project to move forward, or another developer to pick up on it in any case.