error in sitemap xml

3 years ago

I found out in webmaster tools that sitemap.xml gives an error on a certain line. This appeares to be following:

    <loc />

So in stead of <loc>the URL</loc> there is a <loc />

The rest of XML nodes are correct. It looks like this is a product that breaks things up because only a small number of products are shown in the sitemap and when I set sitemapincludeproducts to false in admin settings, webmaster tools produces no error.

Any idea what might cause this problem ?

3 years ago
Did you manage to get to the bottom of this issue? We are having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

3 years ago

I also face the same problem , but when i check some products not have the Search engine friendly page name.

products details > SEO > Search engine friendly page name

Give the name and check again the sitemap. Error will go..............
3 years ago

I sorted my problem. I had included Manufacturers in the Sitemap some of which did not have SEO friendly names. These caused the Sitemap to fail.

I have updated them and everything is now OK.