Nop Framework as separate solution

4 years ago
Just throwing this out there, but it would be nice if the best parts of NopCommerce, like plugin support, tasks, codefirst, services, caching and so on were offered as a starter MVC framework.
I could see this being extremely valuable for people who want to build new sites not related to commerce, but are highly familiar with NopCommerce and don't want to build a new MVC site from scratch.
4 years ago
It's good idea. But this needs some customizations in customer area. Like needs to handle vendor, guest customers etc.(WebWorkContext.cs , WebStoreContext.cs etc)

And should be handle Generic path in GenericPathRoute.cs and many more I guess.

This can be more pluggable if nopCommerce can convert its existing functionalities to Plugin.

I think it's too difficult to convert all existing functionality to plugin.

In the end, It's good idea.