Bug in Ajax HTML editor

9 years ago
Just found out a bug in AJAX HTML editor (one more reason to request nopCommerce team to switch back to Fckeditor in 1.6 version [for product details and topic section])

If we add any video (let's say "YouTube" video) in product details [Long Description], once we save the changes, we are not able to access that product from Mozilla

ok let me explain you step by step: (please follow the steps along with the screenshot to understand the situation)

1) If i want to display a you tube video in any product's Long Description area, i will copy the embedded code from you tube view

2) Here I insert the code:


3) Here I preview it in the admin area:


4) Here it is in the public store:


5) Then I go back to the admin area: (and i cannot access the product again - only see 3 buttons that's it nothing else )

[b]This bug is only when we do all these things in Mozilla, in Internet Explorer it takes time to load the page but eventually it works but in Mozilla , it never works which makes it a bug of AJAX HTML Editor
9 years ago
I can confirm this bug in Firefox 3.6.3.

IE 8 seems fine.

Haven't tested other browsers.
9 years ago
Bug confirmed !

Firefox 3.6.3 : You can't edit anymore after adding the embed code for a video.

IE 8 [Browser Mode IE8]: Working fine.
IE 8 [Browser Mode IE7]: Working fine.
9 years ago
I have the same problem when using chrome and firefox.
Do you have some correct solution? (without using IE)
9 years ago
The problem is in the AjaxControlToolkit. I reported this bug just last week to the project.  In DesignPanel.pre.js, line 426, there is a typo:


change tthis to this, recompile, and all works as expected for embedded objects.