nopCommerce 3.80 is released

3 years ago
Thank you!
3 years ago
Well done !!!
a lot of important changes for this version.

Great work Nop team
3 years ago
This is one of the best releases ever, with a brand new administration and full of new feaures.

Thanks to the Nop Team!!
3 years ago
Congratulations to Andrei and the rest of the team on the new release, looking good.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious but I can't seem to find a way to navigate to some of the pages on the admin demo site:

1. Shipping methods. The page exists but the link highlighted in the left side navigation is the shipping rate computation methods (providers) page. I can't see an obvious way to get to it without knowing the url.
2. Shipping method restrictions (as above).
3. Category tree view - page doesn't exist, has this been removed?

Edit: nevermind, I see that 1 and 2 have been moved into the Shipping by weight configuration
3 years ago
Great work!!

Congratulations nopCommerce team.
3 years ago
I am with 3.80 running for a few days.
Normally people say that the better version is the last stable one...

For me, nopCommerce 3.80 is breaking this paradigma. I can't find a bug till this moment.
The performance is visibly increased, the UI in the Admin area invite us to explore all the options in all configuration itens.

Thank You, nopCommerce team!
3 years ago
You can proud with this, as large eCommerce site based on NopCommerce
3 years ago
Congratulations + many thanks for the hard work of the nopcommerce team. Es lebe hoch!
3 years ago
Congratulations!  Nice work nopCommerce Team!
3 years ago
Wow. Very impressive! Great job nop team.