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3 years ago
Product Description

NopCommerce App transforms one of the most secure, stable and extendable ecommerce platforms into smartphones and tablets.
NopCommerce is a very fast, stable and robust solution for online stores. For the same fact, it is even being used as a starter platform for other solutions not necessarily related to online shopping. Since it is flexible, anywhere you want to sell something, NopCommerce should be one of the options. It not only allows you to sell products, it also allows you to sell courses, services, and digital content. And now, the NopCommerce iOS app is also available!

Why an App?
The NopCommerce app brings all those great services to your client’s pockets, anytime and anywhere. Developed as native apps for iOS and Android, it not only offers a better speed and user experience; it also allows your clients to chat with your staff members. We have integrated the plugins that we developed for NopCommerce (including the Multi Agent Chat plugin) into this app to offer yet another layer of user experience for your clients. Call us for an IPA file to install and test.

Both apps are to find here:


1. Both android and iOS are native apps
2. Eight integrated Plugins
3. Operational on the very day you place the order
4. Beautiful, app-targeted design and display
5. Several checkout options – PayPal, Knet, Purchase Order and bank account
6. User friendly navigation
7. Sliding banner
8. Category menu
9. Product rating
10. Product details
11. Category page
12. Shopping cart
13. Account menu, Manage info, Orders
14. Wishlist (Add to cart/remove from wishlist item)
15. Checkout(support default, nopCommerce checkout)
16. Order Notifications – this app tells you when there are pending orders or orders that have a change in their status!
17. Supports the multi-agent chat plugin, which allows users and agents to chat through the app
18. Chat notifications – alerts you when someone has left you a message
19. Fully controllable through the admin panel and aligns itself with the settings in the website
20. Partial offline caching is offered, which speeds up the connection and allows you to continue using the app even if the connection is lost
21. Search system that is filtered by categories
22. Connection to ticket system right from the contacts page and products page
23. Social media sharing
24. Manage user profile (including avatar image)
25. Several display methods (grid or list) and product sorting

Interested in getting an app for your website? Comelite can connect the app to your website and publish it on Google Play and App Store. We also offer reskinning services, as well as custom development to add any new features you would require. Contact us for more info.

More about NopCommerce

NopCommerce is one of the best ecommerce platforms based on ASP.NET MVC, providing shopping carts, product search, inventory management, affiliates and discounts to name a few.
NopCommerce is free, fast, flexible and secure. It can be easily expanded with new plugins, reskinned with new themes or localized to dozens of other languages. It has a backend admin panel which is great for managing products and sales as well as customer management.
3 years ago
For specific links, you can get the apps from the addresses below

Android app:

iOS app: