What CRM are you using?

3 years ago
What CRM are you using with nopcommerce. I thinking about hubspot.

3 years ago
I my self is using hubspot and it really works well. buddy you should go with it.
3 years ago
Yes, Hubspot is good one to go.
2 years ago
How easy was intergration with nopcommerce? I can't see it listed as a plugin
2 years ago
One of the most useful is Hubspot.
2 years ago
I am experimenting with a variety of open source packages like SugarCrm , Zoho & the simplest of all espro CRM
2 years ago
GSMAlex wrote:
What is better to use ready made crm or to develop new?

I will go with existing CRM and then modify it as per requirements. This is easy and most preferable way for me. However, it depends on the requirements. Depending on your requirements for CRM you should decide.
1 year ago
Definitely Hubspot! It is free, easy to use and that makes it extremely useful.
11 months ago
Hi there. I am new to this forum. I use the same CRM as most of you which is Hubspot and I think it is the best choice.
5 months ago
you can use Hubspot integration