Product Description

What makes this chat plugin different?
Most noteworthy, three things set the NopCommerce Chat Plugin- Multi Agent apart from the other chat plugins of nopCommerce:

1. 100% nopCommerce; it does not rely on third party services
2. Multi-agent; you may specify a list of agents users can call and connect to, and the chat will show their availability and allows for easy communication
3. Utilizes SignalR – a real-time WebSockets library that gracefully falls back to other technologies if not supported on the server or the browser

Most of all, this chat plugin does not rely on any third party services. Install it on your site and you are ready to go! The configuration allows you to specify which user roles can access the chat, and who they can chat with. Furthermore, everything is built into nopCommerce, which makes it easily configurable and styled according to your needs

NopCommerce Chat Source Code for Multi-Agent Chatting

Hence having access to the source code means that you don’t need to write from scratch or tune your plugin to use websockets. Hence our source code can give you a boost start and spare your debugging time, rather to focus on production. Therefore, you can download the NopCommerce Chat Plugin- Multi Agent source code here.

The Trial mode is also freely available – it will only display the “Developed by Comelite” link but it is fully functional with all features – forever


1. Utilizes SignalR – Now you can chat in real-time!

2. 100% nopCommerce – no reliance on third party services

3. Offers caching and inbox; users may receive messages when offline and come back to them later

4. Integrated with the Comelite NopCommerce App – chat with your customers and agents from any device, anywhere

5. Users can see My Chat list in the My Account page

6. The Conversation page allows users to pick the person they want to chat with, as well as see their availability online

7. The store owner can specify which user roles will appear in the conversation page. This allows you to define different roles and staff members who users can access and talk to

8. The store owner can modify the CSS in the chat configuration page and make it match the website’s theme

8. This plugin matches any theme you use in your website

10. Responsive design


1. Supported versions 3.60 – 3.80

2. Free Forever Trial

3. Themeable

4. Right-to-left support

5. Multi-Store


Version 2

* Complete rewrite to use SignalR
* Improved CSS
* Detect when users are online (will automatically detect new users for nopCommerce 3.7 and up)
* Sound notification for new chat messages
* Does not send the “User is typing” message on non-character keys