Hello everyone,
Our team's developed a new product called "Universal" which is a live chat system.

Universal allows you to chat with your online customers from your mobile while they visit your website. You don't have to hire a support center to monitor your website 24/7 or worry about not being able to respond to clients; with "Universal" you can take your site with you, everywhere.However, if you are a big company with big traffic on your site it offers you to multiple operators.

"Universal" is installed on your Telegram Messenger. Telegram offers a wide variety of apps and platforms and "Universal" works with them all, so you can use any interface that you like.

"Universal" is not just about a LiveChat extension to your website. It is tightly integrated with Piwik in order to offer real-time analytics

If your visitors have Facebook or Telegram Messengers installed, then calling you from there is just a tap away. Users can call you via the Messengers app, and you would get the messages on your Telegram! You are also able to reply to them from Telegram!

Universal allows you to assign different operators to different web pages! This means you can have one operator for the Products section, and a different operator for the Services section, effectively allowing you to improve customer service by assigning dedicated workforce.

Worried about spam? Universal allows you to blacklist user IPs. Don't worry - we also offer an un-blacklisting command.

For those who cannot offer 24/7 support - no worries. Take the chat offline with a single command and bring it back in the same way. Your visitors will see a notice that you are offline and typically won't expect responses from you, but they can leave their messages anyway.