Thank you NopCommerce and community, launch of

2 years ago
Just wanna say thank you to the NopCommerce team and to the community.
Since two weeks our store is up and running. Still very much based on the DefaultClean theme the site is going to change a lot over the next period. Focus for now has been to get things going and to acquire customers.

We are a small company selling running equipment to passionate runners.

Thanks again!
2 years ago
Congratulations! Runon Team 😊
2 years ago
Great Runon!

NopCommerce is great choice!

It is Trusted, Stable and Reliable!
And also it is absolutely free!
Another plus point is that It is open-source!
It has very good team and large community for support!
There are many free and paid plugins are available to add additional features to your site.
And If you want to add/modify some functionality you can have it done easily as it is open-source and you can customize code as per your requirements!

All the best for your new site! :)
4 months ago
Congratulations Niklas! Site is looking great!