9 years ago

I'm looking for good opensource/free XML editor for compare and merge LocalResource xml files.
Maybe have you an idea for simple adding resource of new version to existing language xml ?

I know XmlDiff but it is very simple.
9 years ago
Found by myself:

Free, very lite (286kB), portable version in zip.
It very good tool for xml comparing.
9 years ago
you check this tool for easy translation

9 years ago
Or try winmerge.
9 years ago
Unfortunately winmerge has no xml plug-in and it's useless for comparing xml files
ExamDiff + PSPad is a best solution for me.

I don't need translation tools, I just want to compare two language XML resource files (for example version 1.50 and 1.60)

This application is very helpful for translating:
But know something wrong with this (Runtime Error).