Travel Ticketing

2 years ago
We have successfully used nopCommerce to deliver a fully live ticketing system for travel / events. The nopCommerce site is used to sell the tickets. We integrate the nopCommerce system with our existing ticket management and reporting suite where owner of the business can view all ticket sales, ticket status, KPI reporting, etc.

Initial installations of this project were for car ferry operators that wanted to be able to sell ferry tickets online and have these tickets validated using a barcode scan at arrival on the ferry. The solution can also be used for other forms of ticketing, e.g. concert, sports, buses, etc. where tickets need to be validated by the store owner on presentation.

Here are the highlights of what was delivered:

(1) Set-up of ticket products with schedules, etc
(2) Generation of XML messaging for each new ticket and customer to allow 3rd party system integration
(3) Integration of the ticketing system with our cloud based ERP solution
(4) Management of single use or multi-use (multi-trip) tickets
(5) User account login allows customers to view current status of their purchased ticket e.g. trips remaining on multi-use tickets.
(5) Development of a customer app (iOS and Android) for ticket purchases and ticket status information (trips used and remaining)
2 years ago
I am interesting. Where can we see the demo?:)
2 years ago
Very impressive integration. Congratulations!!
2 years ago
Thanks for the kind words Eduardo
1 year ago
Happy day to you,

We run a site using nopcommerce and currently at a juncture where we would like to sell event tickets from our partners to our end users.

Would you be able to share your solutions or if you are selling this plugin for nopcommerce, would you share with us the pricing details and its implementation.

Thank you..

Best Regards,