Card Reader Integrations

2 years ago
Hello there,

Does nopCommerce support Card Reader Integration?

What I mean by this is, something like square. Ideally what we would like to do is have something like square where I can go out and sign people up for subscriptions on the store we have.

The current products I have are all subscription (recurring products), the payment processor is

I guess I am trying to brainstorm what the best approach would be. Maybe going to themselves to get a card reader, then write a plugin to look for new subscriptions to add to our NOP store..? At the moment when we sign people up we take an iPad and simply use the site, which works alright. I think the customers at times feel a bit edgy handing over a credit card to be typed in, so with a card reader it would probably put some at ease.

If anyone has had a similar project or need, please share your experience/advice. Much appreciated.

Thank you
1 year ago
Hello, we are looking for something like this as well. Ideally to use with this POS plugin (just uses website payment plugins):

Is there any information on allowing for credit card reader integration on the website?