Issue into product picture upload on admin side

1 year ago
1. nopCommerce version : 4.0
2. Any private modifications you made to your nopCommerce: No
3. The version of MS SQL database you're running nopCommerce with: MSSQL2016
4. Anything else that could possibly be relevant: Not sure

Steps of reproduction:

1. Go to admin > product > edit > picture.
2. Select and Upload one picture.
3. Do not remove that picture and add it again
4. Now you can see, there are two same pictures get uploaded.
5. Delete one of from it
6. Try to delete second one, it will give you an error.

What should be the ideal scenario?

Grid should refresh after deleting a record.
1 year ago
Thanks a lot! We'll investigate soon
1 year ago
a.m. wrote:
Thanks a lot! We'll investigate soon

Thanks for quick reply.
1 year ago
Done. Please see this commit for more details