Problems with SSL and nopCommerce 3.5

2 years ago
When I activate SSL in the store, the entire site crashes and dies because of a Too Many Redirects error.

I have to go in and deactivate the setting in the database to get the store back up and running.

I have looked around and this is supposedly caused by load balancing on the server.

Since we can't activate the SSL setting in the store we use a htaccess-file to redirect visitors from http to https, but this means that there are links in the store that are set to http which we would prefer as https. It also means that one of our payment plugins from a 3rd party stopped working and we had to have them make a custom version for us to use.

Is there a way to fix this, somehow?
2 years ago
I have the same problem with 3.7...
There is a solution? I want use the standard setting.... It's possible?