Volumetric Product Pricing Add-on

1 year ago
I'm looking to get an idea of pricing for a plugin to modify the way a product is priced - I'm not sure I have the time in my schedule to be able to do the work myself :(

I'd like to be able to set a price per cubic metre for the product (wood cut to size) - lets use Walnut at £4500/m3 for an example.
On the product page, the customer will enter in the length, width, and height of the piece they want to purchase - the price will update accordingly. So if they enter in 30x30x400mm, it will cost them £1.62 (0.00036m3). Ideally the customer would be able to switch units between millimetres and inches.

For each product, I would need to specify:
* Price per cubic metre (m3)
* Minimum price
* Minimum size for each dimension
* Maximum size for each dimension

Ideally, I'd also like to have a table for pricing depending on the volume, such as:
0-0.0003m3 is £8000
0.0003-0.001m3 is £6000
0.001-0.05 is £4500
This would only apply to the per item price, so 8x 0.0001m3 would still leave them paying the 0.0001m3 (£8000/m3) price, not 0.0008m3.

The sizing would need to show in the cart, and on any printed invoice/packing slip.

I'm perfectly happy for this to require custom attributes on each product for it to work/show, we won't have many products (wood species) and can just duplicate a product as a starting point. I'd prefer a cheaper 'just get it to work' solution now, and then re-do it as a full fledged plugin that is a bit more robust and upgrade-friendly/future proofed in the future once the store shows makes some sales/proves itself.
1 year ago
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