Facebook Pixel AddToCart Error

1 year ago

I am getting the following error in Facebook Pixel diagnostic page:
Required parameter content_ids or contents is missing from more than 20% of AddToCart events in the last day

Could you tell me whether it's nopCommerce that submits the events, or is the configuration issue on my FB page?

1 year ago
Hey Andrei,

You have to submit the Facebook Pixel events yourself on the pertinent pages, nopCommerce doesn't do this out of the box because they don't want to have a Facebook dependency.

We already made a plugin that adds all the Facebook Pixel events including AddToCart to your store:

You can use this plugin for targeting specific segments such as prospects that have added to the cart but not purchased/converted as well as remarketing viewed products to prospects on Facebook. Let us know if you have any questions about Facebook marketing.