Setup Nopcommerce 4.0 with IIS

11 months ago
Hello everyone!

Today,I try to setup Nopcommerce 4.0 with IIS on my computer

Here are some steps i did

1.Install net core by download from here

2.Create new website on IIS and map it to folder included Nopcommerce files

3.Set permission for Folder Include Nopcommerce file

4.Create app pool

And i can not run it because there is one error.I do not know what step i missing in this case

Could you give me any idea on this case?


11 months ago

Set stdoutLogEnabled="true" in web.config and then restart the application and it should add new log files in Logs folder.

please post the log files details
11 months ago
Hi Vipul,

There is not log when i set set stdoutLogEnabled="true"

In folder Logs/stdout just only 1 readme file with content

This folder is used only for system logging by ASP.NET (could be enabled in web.config file)

nopCommerce uses its own logging implementation (available in admin area)


11 months ago
Restart the application pool after you should see logs in either .logs\ or .logs\stdout folder.

many times i figure that log files is showing under .logs\ folder instead of .logs\stdout folder
11 months ago
Application Pool Settings

Edit Web.Config for Error Loging

Stdout Logfile

11 months ago
Sorry I miss read your post
You are using 4.0 this is for 4.1

You need to look at IIS logs in C:\inetpub\logs