Bug Relating to Overlapping Application Pool Recycling in IIS and Nopcommerce 4.1 UsePluginShadowCopy

9 months ago
sorry for my little experience :-(

where am I wrong?

  "Hosting": {
    //Set to "true" the settings below if your hosting uses a load balancer. It'll be used to determine whether the current request is HTTPS
    "UseHttpClusterHttps": false,
    "UseHttpXForwardedProto": false,

    //Use the setting below if your hosting doesn't use "X-FORWARDED-FOR" header to determine IP address.
    //In some cases server use other HTTP header. You can specify a custom HTTP header here. For example, CF-Connecting-IP, X-FORWARDED-PROTO, etc
    "ForwardedHttpHeader": ""

  "Nop": {
    //Enable if you want to see the full error in production environment. It's ignored (always enabled) in development environment
    "DisplayFullErrorStack": false,

    //Windows Azure BLOB storage.
    //Specify your connection string, container name, end point for BLOB storage here
    "AzureBlobStorageConnectionString": "",
    "AzureBlobStorageContainerName": "",
    "AzureBlobStorageEndPoint": "",

    //Redis support (used by web farms, Azure, etc). Find more about it at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/cache-dotnet-how-to-use-azure-redis-cache/
    "RedisCachingEnabled": false,
    "RedisCachingConnectionString": ",ssl=False",
    "PersistDataProtectionKeysToRedis": false,

    //You can get the latest version of user agent strings at http://browscap.org/
    //Leave "CrawlersOnlyDatabasePath" attribute empty if you want to use full version of "browscap.xml" file
    "UserAgentStringsPath": "~/App_Data/browscap.xml",
    "CrawlerOnlyUserAgentStringsPath": "~/App_Data/browscap.crawlersonly.xml",

    //Do not edit this element. For advanced users only
    "DisableSampleDataDuringInstallation": false,
    "UseFastInstallationService": false,
    "PluginsIgnoredDuringInstallation": "",

    //Indicates whether to ignore startup tasks
    "IgnoreStartupTasks": false,

    //Enable if you want to clear /Plugins/bin directory on application startup
    "ClearPluginShadowDirectoryOnStartup": true,
    //Enable if you want to copy "locked" assemblies from /Plugins/bin directory to temporary subdirectories on application startup
    "CopyLockedPluginAssembilesToSubdirectoriesOnStartup": false,
    //Enable if you want to copy plugins library to the /Plugins/bin directory on application startup
    "UsePluginsShadowCopy": true,
    //Enable if you want to load an assembly into the load-from context, by passing some security checks
    "UseUnsafeLoadAssembly": true,

    //Enable for backwards compatibility with SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008R2
    "UseRowNumberForPaging": false,

    //Enable to store TempData in the session state
    "UseSessionStateTempDataProvider": false
9 months ago
foxnetsoft wrote:
Did you use the default values for appsettings.json?

hello, you have some news.
9 months ago
I did only this fix and I did it for Azure.
Azure uses parallel coping files.
I tried to solve this issue.
9 months ago
the my appsettings.json is correct?
9 months ago
I don't know, I didn't check it.
Can you copy the default file appsettings.json?
5 months ago
Hi guys & staff!

Do we have a final fix for that problem? It seems that the 4.10 is totally useless once it was never fixed properly and the fix is in 4.20, that has a lot of changes and cant be downgraded to 4.10. I have a couple of site that even with all fixed proposed here, that crash keeping happening almost every time the application is restarted!