nopCommerce on godaddy

11 months ago
Hi ,

Does anyone have experience for hosting nopCommerce on GoDaddy (Windows Economy Shared Hosting)?

having 500 error.

my friend said i need .net core 2.0 to support nopCommerce. and Godaddy CS as me to Linux for Core 2.0 support.

any idea?

11 months ago
What version of Nop do you use?
11 months ago
dvukovic1 wrote:
What version of Nop do you use?

i try to install the latest version. 4.1
11 months ago
Try to install Nop on localhost and then just copy files to your server.

I will send you procedure ...

Notice that Godaddy might not suport .Net Core on shared hosting.

If so, then the Nop 3.9 is the best alternative.

11 months ago
This was posted a year ago, but may still be the case...
11 months ago
Hi @Wilcheung,

I can help you. I sent you PM.

10 months ago
We are.

All of our clients are on our Godaddy servers, running from 3.7 to 4.1 stores.

Let me know if you still need some help!