Free Themes

9 years ago
I am creating a site using nop 1.8 and am struggling to find theme resources, can anyone help ?

9 years ago
The extension download section, there are templates for 1.4 and 1.5, will they work with nop 1.8 ?
9 years ago
Unfortunately there are not a lot of themes available for free or purchase.  I am sure you have seen some of them on this site and there are a few guys out there selling some stuff but I don't think there is a list to these sites.

What I would suggest is detailing what you are looking for.  Once you write this down it will be easier for you to put your needs into perspective of 'Free'.  If your needs are changing a few background colors or buttons then I would think you have a good chance of someone helping you out.

If you are looking for or functionality then you probably won't find much for free.

I know it is tough.  You just want your site up and running and to look good.  The problem is defining how good is good.
9 years ago
Hi found these sites offering free templates

I used a free template from and it seems to be doing a good job. I am ok for now.

9 years ago
Themes for 1.8version is not available anywhere on those website.
You can download 1.8version theme(s) from here:
9 years ago
Thanks for the info, but my work was done well with theme2 from

8 years ago
Thanks for posting the links. Are there any other sites besides these offering freebies.
8 years ago
My suggestion is if you're serious about your business and want to bring your business furthur, you could consider our template:

We've been adding new ajax features to nopcommerce.

So far we have

Ajax Category Page

Ajax Brand Page

Ajax New Product Page

Homepage Banner Scroller
Homepage Products Displayer
Add to Cart Pro(please try to purchase any product, you will see products are placed into shopping cart without post back)

Category Product Quickview

Please try to purchase one product and procced to checkout.

Search auto complete
Type whatever for example "asos" in search textbox in the right of navigation bar.

We'll add menu pro in release1.8.4 as well
8 years ago
Where can I find 1.9 templates ?
1 year ago
Dear Arnold,

We have release nopCommerce Free theme with source code your can Download from HERE


Using Bootstrap 4 UI frameworks
Using Latest Font Awesome icons
Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
Fully localizable and can be used in any language
Free support and upgrades
Multi-store / Multi-vendor support
Using HTML5 and CSS3 languages
Integrated with all needful responsive screen
Open to modification public view files in themes
Tested with all major browsers