Bulk Import Customers

6 months ago
Is there any way to bulk import customers? I have an excel file with 800 customers with the fields:

username, email address, first name, last name, admin comment, roles, password (in plain text). I just want to do a one off import into version 4.1 with this data. Any help would be appreciated.
6 months ago

You have to customize for that.

Like product,category import.

Or I suggest you to do with separate plugin.

So it would be very helpful for future upgrade as you know nopcommerce frequently release their version like Google angular.

Hope you would understand..!!
6 months ago
Do you have access to SQL Server?
Actually there are some tables involved, it's a bit long but it's not very difficult.
6 months ago
Hello Guys,

We talked about it via private messages, but just for somebody information I will leave there the information that you can import customers to nopCommerce easily with our plugin - Customers import.

With it you are able to import:
- Emails,
- Usernames,
- Passwords,
- Gender,
- First name and last name,
- Date of Birth,
- Address,
- Phone,
- Newsletter status,
- VatNumber,
- Company name,
- Assign customer role.

Best regards,
4 months ago
Any possibility of it being available for 4.0?
4 months ago
Artdtc wrote:
Any possibility of it being available for 4.0?


Sure, please reach us at [email protected], we will figure out what we can do.