Favicon generation for v4.20

8 months ago
In the past I've used www.favicon-generator.org to create my favicon packages. It does it pretty well and includes app icons of all different sizes very similar to the favicon_package.zip that is in Nop 4.20. Is there a favicon generator that Nop used to create the default sample? If there is indeed a place to have it create the package, that would save on manually creating the zip to import via the new favicon admin upload.

ps. I did attempt uploading my own favicon.zip generated by the above site, but getting the error that html_code.html could not be found. Looks like all the default files from /icons/icons_0 were removed, including the html_code file.
6 months ago

Do one thing go to take your logo edit the image (different fila type and size )it in photoshop and paste in \wwwroot\icons\icons_0 with the same name which is already in the folder.

just now i tried it is working
6 months ago
We will soon update the documentation about uploading favicons on the admin area.
5 months ago
Favicon topic: https://docs.nopcommerce.com/user-guide/configuring/settingup/mainstore/uploading-favicons.html
2 months ago
If you go https with a padlock, does it get rid of your favicon anyway?
2 weeks ago
I've tried the link, read it but it's not easy, I managed to get my favicon on just normal p.c browsers, but not on macs etc when i run the test