My first plugin - PageNotFound

7 months ago
Hi, I am trying to create my first plugin using IMiscPlugin interface. I followed all steps in Documentation "How to write a plugin for nopCommerce 4.20 (and above)" and was able to see it in Plugin list of Admin area. However when I click Configure button the page cannot be found. I triple checked everything, compared with other plugins but still have no clue where may the problem be.
Could somebody give me a hint why the route does not work?
7 months ago

Carefully check the configuration URL and if your admin controller and action match the configuration URL. Also, check the admin controller attributes and if you are inheriting the right controller.

It might be easier to copy the source code of any of the existing plugins and modify it.

7 months ago
Check the System > Log to see if any error messages.
7 months ago
I copied and modified an existing one and it works. Thank you.