Having HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

7 months ago
i have installed Microsoft .NET Core 2.2.5 - Windows Server Hosting, .NET Core Runtime - 2.2.5 and .NET Core SDK 2.2.3 and assign the permissions of read/write but still having the issue of Internal Server Error and Telling that "Cannot read Configuration file due to insufficient permission". How to solve it?
7 months ago

I know you've said you've given write/read permissions but have you followed this article from the nopCommerce documentation. There is a section in it called "Permssions for nopCommerce versions 4.00 and above". Please make sure you've given permissions to all of those directories and files.
Also, please make sure you are giving permissions to the user running the application pool on which your application is running.

Hope that helps!

7 months ago
no answer works for me, what works for me is to review the code and check the web.config, Nop.web.deps and appsettings files and found the .net core 2.2/win-x64 is the right version to install, x86 won't work. so i simply go and installed sdk and runtime x64 and it works for me.