Price rounding

7 months ago
My Products are setup as follows

Price 1.2783

PAngV  true

Amount in Product 1.0000
Unit in Product per 1000

Referance Amount 1000.0000
Referance Unit   Per 1000

on the add to cart page the item shows
1.2800 for each
1278.3 per thousand.

how do i get not to round the  per each and show 1.2873 each
7 months ago
In All Settings, change this setting to false

7 months ago
Tried that it does not work
Using v4.1
7 months ago
Did you Clear the Cache?
7 months ago
yes cache was cleared. I have just cleared the cache and tried again. Still showing 1.2800
7 months ago
What version of nopCommerce?
7 months ago
7 months ago
Can you share your currency format setting under from currency edit page?