Advanced product variable

5 months ago
Hi all,

I am quite new to NopCommerce and I am wondering if there is an advanced feature for product variables?
I know the option product attributes but this is pretty basic.
We are selling printed items with different options and I want to have an advanced plugin / widget to work with different variables.
I want to have a separated page for a product which shows me the different options that the product has and at the end the complete price. The way of showing the options should be after each other coming to the front. So when you have choose option 1 you go to option 2 automatically and so on. preferable options that are showing different images.

Can anyone help me with this.

Thank you in advanced.

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5 months ago
There are a couple of plugins that play with attributes
but your requirements are pretty specific
You probably need to customise to get the exact functionality you desire
There is a lot you can do with nopCommerce customisation.
5 months ago
Hi, Do you have some plugin examples? Maybe they are just enough to start with.

Thank you.
5 months ago
Sorry I don’t have anything that fits your needs at the moment. Actually I am nop1.7 programmer tying to get up to speed with how v4.2 works. So I am learning myself and I am not a lot of help at the moment

How much experience do you have with programming nopCommerce ?
I don’t know - playing with / building a plugin is not the first thing you want to do

The bit that goes in the middle of a product page is a template.
There can be all different types of templates depending on the product type - currently you will only find simple and grouped. you can copy one of these to make a new template.

If I understand your needs essentially you could start with making a new template that allows the user to step through your attribute set which is defined for a product i.e. first step display attribute set 1 with a picture. Next step display attribute set 2 with a picture ?
maybe it’s a pop up thing or something with a sequencer (like how the one page checkout works) ?

Not sure if this is the idea – probably pretty simplified
Like I said not sure if your skill level but maybe you could start prototyping with that idea first.

Someone else might chime in with some ideas for you ?
Otherwise another way is to put a specification together and get a developer to make it for you

All the best with it.