Customer List Export doesn't include StreetAddress - City

6 months ago

When I go to export the customer list to an excel file it shows columns for StreetAddress, StreetAddress2, City, Phone, and Fax in it but none of that info is included in the excell sheet for each customer. They are blank. Is there a way to fix this or any idea what to do? I want to be able to get a mailing list of address. The site is nopCommerce version 3.90.
6 months ago

It getting all your mentions columns from GenericAttributes tables.

so i think you can change logic to get it from customer address as if generic attributes values are blank.

Go to Nop.Service / ExportImport / ExportManager.cs file

Modify ExportCustomersToXlsx method to get those values from customer address instead of generic attributes as it seems that it is blank for all customers.