Specification Attribute Grouping-by Plugin (HyperNop.com)

6 months ago
HyperNop Specification Attribute Grouping-by Plugin is an excellent tool to make a grouping system for product’s specification attributes. Products with a good number of specification attributes need a more organized “Product Specification” section for customers so they can find these specifications more easily.

This plugin will make the shop experience for the customers more pleasant and improves the “Product Specification” section of the product’s page.


- The ability to search in the specification attribute form, in the admin panel.
- The ability to limit the product’s attributes by the product’s Group Name.
- Group name field makes suggestions from previously entered names.
- Increases the products creation speed.
- Improves the user experience quality.

For more details please visit: Specification Attribute Grouping-by Plugin
6 months ago
Looks promising. Good Job. +1