Payment Callback URL

3 months ago
Hi team,

we tried to integrate paytm payment gateway with nop 4.1 and asking the following urls?

can anybody help me?

Payment URL ?
TxnStatus URL  ?
Callback URL  ?
3 months ago
Do you mean this plugin ?

Was there any setup help file or instructions ?
Best conatct the developer shown on the page
3 months ago
Thanks for the Reply Yedna,

i downloaded the module from PAYTM site itself.

when i approached them they say payment module is our's but after payment where do i have to point to your site.

i tried to search , but no clue?
3 months ago
I haven't checked in details. But you should be able to figure this out from Source code and going through Paytm Payment Integration documentation.

BTW, thanks for sharing Paytm payment plugin link, I didn't know an opensource plugin exists. +1