Adding some B2B and B2C features to nopCommerce to make it more comprehensive

5 months ago
Hi Team,

NopCommerce is a very good platform and we really appreciate what you are doing there. But, I wanted to draw your attention towards some basic requirements that almost everyone expects who wants to use nopCommerce for their B2B / B2C eCommerce projects. Here is the generic list:

# Warehouse mapping with stores and managing inventory for that store from mapped warehouse only
# Ability to transfer stock between warehouses
# Ability to enable / disable an store so the store could be taken online / offline when needed
# Restrict / allow customers to be shared among stores. Right now all customers are shared among stores by default.
# Copy settings / data from one store to other which could save most of store setup time and setting everything individually
# Per store product inventory
# ACL per store
# Topics per store
# Vendor area similar to Admin area
# Save cart and share cart (temporary cart)

Hope this will help nopCommerce team to add more value added features in nopCommerce upcoming versions.

Best regards,
4 months ago
Thanks for your suggestions.
I have created work items #4050-#4059 for it. You can see them here.