Rental Bookings System

2 months ago
There has been a bit of discussion about the current rental system limitations. We have now extended our Booking and Event Calendar to manage rental products which includes inventory management, reporting and other issues noted with the current system.

The extension addresses some of the current issues with Rental products detailed on github - Allow entry of dates in dd/MM/yyyy format (although it may not work for all cultures) - Specify allowed date range via the use of predetermined availabilities for each product - Store owner report on each rental products - Inventory management - Keep stock on individual rental products and allow Mark items as Picked up and Returned

You can demo the plugin at

This is the first pass if there is any other customisations or anything else you would like the plugin to do for rental products send me a PM or email [email protected]

See also

See also
1 month ago
Thank you for this!

I am really new to nopCommerce, but I am looking forward to diving into it more!

Thanks again!
1 month ago
This is a great initiative.
Have any one thought on blocking dates, in order to avoid renting the same product at the same dates twice?
1 month ago
If you are asking does this plugin block dates i.e. in order to avoid renting the same product on the same dates twice?

Then yes this plugin does that. You can sent a the number of the product available to rent  on a given day and then when they are all rented that date is blocked.